Care & Maintenance

Teak is a very tough, durable wood. Invest a little time in caring for your Essex Teak furniture and you will be rewarded with beautiful furniture for many years.


Teak withstands the elements very well without any special treatment. However, its appearance will change over time. In particular, exposure to the sun lightens the original colour to new silver-grey. Many customers find this patina attractive, and it is a natural feature of how wood changes. However, if you prefer to keep the original colour, then applying Teak Sealer Oil will reduce the bleaching effect. Teak Sealer Oil is not the same as Teak Oil. We do not recommend Teak Oil because it’s been known to cause black spots or blemishes – and does little to preserve the wood.

As teak weathers, you may see small cracks in the end-grain of the timber. These are just the way that wood responds to changes in humidity and don’t signify that your furniture is weakened or damaged. Generally as the moisture in the atmosphere rises, these disappear. Calcium deposits can appear on teak – again these are part and parcel of owning a natural wood product. They are easily removed and don’t affect the furniture’s performance or lifespan.


Wood Cleaner can be used for routine cleaning of teak. Wood Reviver removes more resistant dirt and patina.

Mop up any stains or spills on the wood with kitchen paper as quickly as possible. Follow up by washing the teak with soapy water.

General dirt can be washed away with a light soapy detergent. Marks that remain after this process can be dealt with by light sanding. Use very fine sandpaper.

Other Maintenance

It may be necessary to tighten the screws every so often on your furniture. This is due to changes in the wood over time. Use a Torx wrench with moderate torque.

To prevent moving parts seizing, folding chairs and extending tables should be opened every so often. Applying lubricant to the runners with a cloth will also help.